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5 tips to beat a rainy day

What do you do on a rainy day in grey Sydney town?

Its been raining for the last week but hopefully the weather clears for this long weekend.  As the weather becomes colder and maybe wetter during the winter months, I thought the following tips might be handy especially walking around town during lunch. Walking in the rain is not a pleasant experience.

1. Bring a big umbrella. – I can’t think of a worse situation than getting caught under the rain while your walking or waiting at your favourite coffee shop. Not to mention damaging your suit and pants, this isn’t the wet look you should be after. Keep yourself dry this wet season and do yourself a favour and invest in getting a good quality big umbrella to keep yourself dry and looking good. And since your burdened yourself in carrying an umbrella, you might as well carry something that will keep your top part of torso dry, not just the top side of your head.

2. Wear an ordinary suit and solid leather shoes/boots– I find it a bit silly sometimes to wear an expensive suit on a rainy day. Leave the Armani suit at home and wear something that wont cause too much heartache when it gets soaked with rain. Sure carrying an umbrella will save your suit jacket, but it wont save your pants. Also, get a solid pair of leather shoes or boots with rubber soles to get past the cascading puddles. Imagine wearing soaked socks for the whole day when your leather sole loafers gets drenched? Not exactly comforting. For the girls, imagine wearing wet stockings all day and your favourite colour matching shoes are waterlogged?

3. Eat something warm like soup – Like most people, we like to cozy up indoors while the wind blows outside. What I found is that on a cold day, we usually feel more hungry for some reason. I strongly suggest something warm and ditch the salad for the day … or week. As restaurants and cafes are rolling out their winter menu, piping hot soups like Potato and Leek at 363 Lobby Cafe has become available to warm up your day.

4. Lunch at the office – I know that after a long session in the office, we all want to get out and get some fresh air. But do you really want to be stuck out in the cold to go to your favourite restaurants and cafes and find no tables are available? I guess not. Unless you like getting sick – especially for this long weekend 😉 Plan ahead so you avoid the queue, the wait and walking around.

5. Wear the appropriate attire As winter approaches and the temperature drops, think about your health. Catching a cold on a rainy day won’t exactly brighten your day. With the long weekend coming around, I’m sure you want to get be active and enjoy the break with your family and friends. Be smart and prepare yourself over the winter season.

Funnily enough, after writing this post, this article in the Sydney Morning Herald popped up. Weather affects people’s mood and there is a science involved. 11 consecutive of rain? Can drive any one up the wall.


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