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The multicultural side of Town Hall, Sydney

It’s been a while since my last brief post on the launch of our website. It’s been about 2 weeks since my last post and many things have been happening.

One of the most notable things Sydneysiders might be noticing is the sudden change in weather. It’s been raining, if not cloudy all week and I think it may be time to get the scarf out very soon. The lunchtime menu is certainly changing as more cafes and restaurants are starting to change their menu to include soups and other piping hot meals. Yum.

We have been out and about this week to check out the lunchtime rush more in the Town Hall precinct and I have certainly found something uncanny. It’s the same in the CBD. That is, no seats during lunchtime.

What’s worse, some of the best coffees are located in the most obscure sections of the city. We went around the York Street, Clarence Street, Kent Street and I smelt some of the best coffee Sydney had to offer. Many of these small cafes have even been mentioned on Sydney Morning Herald.

Also, I discovered a small Hunter Connection-like food arcade, hidden beneath the Woolworth’s building, opposite to the Town Hall. I couldn’t be more surprised. Filled with Asian fast-food stores, the fusion of Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Thai herbs and spices lingered around the Pittsway complex, even floating outside on to the kerbside. Located within a small and compact location, operations behind each shop were buzzing. It’s quite astonishing to see how many people could actually fit in such a small shop fit out. Too bad it can’t be said the same for the level of general floor service. Trays and used dishes were left stacked on to the dining area and it really left a sour taste (excuse the pun) on my general perception of the place.

I suppose one more point is that there is no mobile reception, which is quite surprising. At least you can expect that you would not be interrupted during lunch from a call from work.

Another aspect of Sydney that you probably never knew about. Well for me at least.






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