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363 Lobby Cafe

The 363 Lobby Cafe is an interesting little cafe, hidden away from the public with no prominent signs displaying their business name. Being one of those cafes that are located within a big building, housing numerous large businesses, it would be safe to believe that small cafe’s like these ones serve only coffees and small snacks.

Roast Turkey Breast Sandwich Steak Sandwich

 Surprisingly, their lunch menu packs a wonderful assortment of delicious meals. Its small menu can be found here. Today, I had the Roast Turkey Breast Sandwich (BLT) for $7.00 and it was simply amazing. I’ve have had the BLT on numerous occassions and I just can’t go past the taste and the price. I have tried the Steak Sandwich and the Wagyu Beef Burger before, but for the value, its slowly becoming my favourite. However, not to say the steak sandwich and wagyu beef burger were bad, its incredible especially the wafting smell, but a bit heavier than the BLT. The caramalised onions from the steak sandwich and the tenderness from the wagyu beef burger makes my stomach grumble as I sit here writing at 9.30pm and I’ll be more than happy to treat myself to one of these meals once a week, even paying that extra dollar just to smell it.

 Anyways, I’ll post up an entry of the steak sandwich and wagyu beef burger soon. To be honest, after writing about this entry, I think its going to be sooner rather than later. You really got to smell the beautiful scent from the food to really appreciate why I just love these 3 sandwiches because I sincerely don’t think my description of it serves it much justice.

 And yes, a disclaimer before I end this blog. They are one of the cafes that you can order ahead from Lunchfast. I am sure that the business owner, Nick, would love to hear from you about their meals. Winter is coming so watch out for the winter menu, which includes warm, creamy soup to for you to start the day.

On a final note, if you have experienced a mean burger or sandwich somewhere in the city, write a comment and I’ll be the first to try your recommendation.

 Happy eating 🙂


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