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I headed into MySelection cafe for lunch today, looking for something different. Tucked within the cosy confines of the Hunter Connection arcade – the food court just beneath Wynyard Station, Sydney – I was greeted with a warm welcome from the lovely business owner, Kim. Again, I was disappointed with myself because I forgot to bring my camera, a venerable Panasonic DMC-LC33 to take some happy snaps of the actual place and the very authentic foods they served there.

Usually in the Hunter, especially during lunchtime, you can never get a seat in this very popular location. Although the decor of the arcade looks a decade past its renovation date, it houses some of Sydney’s cheapest and best meals within the CBD. I can remember one time when I was going to the Hunter for some food, I witnessed people who were by the side of the entrance via George Street eating their lunch, which really indicates how much people love the value of the food on offer.

About 3 weeks ago, I came around the MySelection Cafe to see whether the owner was interested in signing up with Lunchfast for their business. Kim was certainly interested in what we had to offer and hopefully, within the coming weeks, Sydneysiders would be able to order their meals online on our website. Well I certainly would like to because waiting in line during the most busiest time of the day is really wasting time I have for myself. Nevertheless, Kim made me promise to come back when she updated her menu and today I fulfilled my promise, and boy was I surprised.

The decor of the cafe is warm, cosy and definitely buzzing. The ladies in the kitchen scurries around making their catering orders whilst their wait staff supervises the front. I bought my colleague with me to try their food. Luckily, since it was only 10.30 am, I escaped the lunchtime rush and tried their Lemon Thai Chicken with rice and generously, she gave me some Vietnamese Chicken with Coconut Juice. The Vietnamese Chicken with Coconut Juice was pretty good – so good that it reminded me of mum’s cooking =D. The Lemon Thai Chicken was spicy but not too overpowering and went well with the rice. For only $7.50, its definitely better than some of the other junk some restaurants spruik as authentic. My fingers are crossed that she will introduce the Vietnamese crepes into her menu very soon because thats one of the hidden gems of vietnamese cuisines.

Now, according to Kim, the business was just recently established and is progressing to create the best possible meals and service possible. Although there are areas where they can improve (which business doesnt?), I strongly suggest that Sydneysiders should definitely give this Wynyard secret a try. Click here for their location and I just found a link that has a picture of Hunter Connection entrance.

If you have been to MySelection, I would love to hear from you. Post a comment and lets share the eating experience together.

In the meantime, happy eating 🙂


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