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Deliziosa Fine Foods

T’was the morning at about 10.30am and William and I decide to venture up to MLC food court for lunch as we just got used to the same old food everyday…or more like 3 times a week. It was time to try something new as we always end up either going to Centrepoint Food Court/ Myer Food Court or the Hunter Connection (not saying those places are bad places, just can’t handle eating the same food all the time).

Now, MLC Food Court houses some great food within its complex but I suppose its location, right in the middle of Martin Place and Castlereagh Street just drives the prices of its food noticeably higher sometimes. Nevertheless, we decided its about time we eat here a bit more regularly to try and soak up the atmosphere.

We noticed Deliziosa Fine Foods, designed with ornate timber shelfs, overhanging coffee grinders and large circular bar looked quite intriguing. It was quite pretty if I say so myself; resembling more like a traditional bakehouse. I was personally quite surprised that the shop was set a buzz with more than 10 staff running the business as it was still two hours before lunch would begin.

Unfortunately, being new to the blogging experience, I didnt have my camera ready to snap up some photoshots of the food on display but I think the photos would not have done the delicious meals much justice. I will certainly make an effort the next time we eat there, which I imagine would be pretty soon but if any of you guys have pictures, send me an email with the attachment just to enrich this website with some excitement 🙂 )

I bought the foccacia for $7.50 (I think…it was around that ball park figure) and Will bought a Thai Beef Salad (gone on a healthy diet for the week..but apparently, Mum’s orders :p) for $10. The Thai Beef Salad was amazing according to William, and I suppose I’m not going to disagree since its focaccia was not that bad as well. We came back on Thursday and saw that the salad bar empty, a real testament I believe to their popularity, taste and value for money within their precinct.

Deliziosa’s website (click here) was a bit more ordinary than I first envisioned (its actually a site loaded with a PDF ordering sheet) which is I suppose, quite unique for a business located within the heart of the CBD but I am not going to hold this against them. Nevertheless, I will try and upload some pictures I took today on my Nokia 6255 (which has quite an ordinary camera) but by the looks of things and with my first bite of their food, its definitely worth a second try, especially on measly part time wage.

Shopfront of Deliziosa Fine Foods

Here is the lovely shop front that I promised I will upload earlier.


Deliziosa Fine Foods

Shop 6.17 MLC Centre

19 Martin PLace


One Response to “Deliziosa Fine Foods”

  1. I love this place!
    I used to go there every Thursday to get their pumpkin gnocci. It’s in a creamy sauce with mushrooms and bacon bits. It’s to die for! AND I think it’s healthier than normal potato gnocci too! My second pick would be their smoked salmon wrap….mmMMm.
    I believe they were both about $7.50 (its been a while since I’ve been there). If you go at around 4pm they start selling things off at $5, but you might not get what you want. Though it is a good time to go if you’re a little tight on the budget.

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