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What do you do on a rainy day in grey Sydney town?

Its been raining for the last week but hopefully the weather clears for this long weekend.  As the weather becomes colder and maybe wetter during the winter months, I thought the following tips might be handy especially walking around town during lunch. Walking in the rain is not a pleasant experience.

1. Bring a big umbrella. – I can’t think of a worse situation than getting caught under the rain while your walking or waiting at your favourite coffee shop. Not to mention damaging your suit and pants, this isn’t the wet look you should be after. Keep yourself dry this wet season and do yourself a favour and invest in getting a good quality big umbrella to keep yourself dry and looking good. And since your burdened yourself in carrying an umbrella, you might as well carry something that will keep your top part of torso dry, not just the top side of your head.

2. Wear an ordinary suit and solid leather shoes/boots– I find it a bit silly sometimes to wear an expensive suit on a rainy day. Leave the Armani suit at home and wear something that wont cause too much heartache when it gets soaked with rain. Sure carrying an umbrella will save your suit jacket, but it wont save your pants. Also, get a solid pair of leather shoes or boots with rubber soles to get past the cascading puddles. Imagine wearing soaked socks for the whole day when your leather sole loafers gets drenched? Not exactly comforting. For the girls, imagine wearing wet stockings all day and your favourite colour matching shoes are waterlogged?

3. Eat something warm like soup – Like most people, we like to cozy up indoors while the wind blows outside. What I found is that on a cold day, we usually feel more hungry for some reason. I strongly suggest something warm and ditch the salad for the day … or week. As restaurants and cafes are rolling out their winter menu, piping hot soups like Potato and Leek at 363 Lobby Cafe has become available to warm up your day.

4. Lunch at the office – I know that after a long session in the office, we all want to get out and get some fresh air. But do you really want to be stuck out in the cold to go to your favourite restaurants and cafes and find no tables are available? I guess not. Unless you like getting sick – especially for this long weekend 😉 Plan ahead so you avoid the queue, the wait and walking around.

5. Wear the appropriate attire As winter approaches and the temperature drops, think about your health. Catching a cold on a rainy day won’t exactly brighten your day. With the long weekend coming around, I’m sure you want to get be active and enjoy the break with your family and friends. Be smart and prepare yourself over the winter season.

Funnily enough, after writing this post, this article in the Sydney Morning Herald popped up. Weather affects people’s mood and there is a science involved. 11 consecutive of rain? Can drive any one up the wall.


As most restaurants prepare to get ready for this winter, one of Sydney’s interesting restaurant cafes undergoes some big changes in their menu.

I caught up with one of the co-owners of La Cantina, Charlie as we sat down at his cafe, waiting for the three-thirtyitis to hit the office dwellers from above. Interestingly, the kitchen went through a couple of changes and now, with a new menu, this young charge is about to tackle the city’s winter hunger pains with his lovely assortment of modern Australian and Asian fusion dishes.

With the recent changes, we had to stop the Lunchfast service for the time being while their menu gets updated to our website. It shouldn’t be too long before we have La Cantina up and running again.

In the meantime, you can have a peak at his latest offerings at their busy cafe. What I have found is their latest menu is a lot smaller, offering a fraction of their original menu. Nevertheless, I was fortunate to grab an awesome Steak Sandwich for $18.

Yes, it was in the afternoon but I could not help myself.

It was fantastic dish but I found it a bit troubling to eat the bread with the steak. I’m not sure what the eating etiquette is but I continued eating sandwich with my knife and fork, slicing and poking my way through. It was a bit awkward but I got through it.

Very interesting dish for lunch.

Look out for the next few changes on our blog and on Lunchfast for new and exciting menus and cafes.

Happy eating!


It’s been a while since my last brief post on the launch of our website. It’s been about 2 weeks since my last post and many things have been happening.

One of the most notable things Sydneysiders might be noticing is the sudden change in weather. It’s been raining, if not cloudy all week and I think it may be time to get the scarf out very soon. The lunchtime menu is certainly changing as more cafes and restaurants are starting to change their menu to include soups and other piping hot meals. Yum.

We have been out and about this week to check out the lunchtime rush more in the Town Hall precinct and I have certainly found something uncanny. It’s the same in the CBD. That is, no seats during lunchtime.

What’s worse, some of the best coffees are located in the most obscure sections of the city. We went around the York Street, Clarence Street, Kent Street and I smelt some of the best coffee Sydney had to offer. Many of these small cafes have even been mentioned on Sydney Morning Herald.

Also, I discovered a small Hunter Connection-like food arcade, hidden beneath the Woolworth’s building, opposite to the Town Hall. I couldn’t be more surprised. Filled with Asian fast-food stores, the fusion of Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Thai herbs and spices lingered around the Pittsway complex, even floating outside on to the kerbside. Located within a small and compact location, operations behind each shop were buzzing. It’s quite astonishing to see how many people could actually fit in such a small shop fit out. Too bad it can’t be said the same for the level of general floor service. Trays and used dishes were left stacked on to the dining area and it really left a sour taste (excuse the pun) on my general perception of the place.

I suppose one more point is that there is no mobile reception, which is quite surprising. At least you can expect that you would not be interrupted during lunch from a call from work.

Another aspect of Sydney that you probably never knew about. Well for me at least.






The 363 Lobby Cafe is an interesting little cafe, hidden away from the public with no prominent signs displaying their business name. Being one of those cafes that are located within a big building, housing numerous large businesses, it would be safe to believe that small cafe’s like these ones serve only coffees and small snacks.

Roast Turkey Breast Sandwich Steak Sandwich

 Surprisingly, their lunch menu packs a wonderful assortment of delicious meals. Its small menu can be found here. Today, I had the Roast Turkey Breast Sandwich (BLT) for $7.00 and it was simply amazing. I’ve have had the BLT on numerous occassions and I just can’t go past the taste and the price. I have tried the Steak Sandwich and the Wagyu Beef Burger before, but for the value, its slowly becoming my favourite. However, not to say the steak sandwich and wagyu beef burger were bad, its incredible especially the wafting smell, but a bit heavier than the BLT. The caramalised onions from the steak sandwich and the tenderness from the wagyu beef burger makes my stomach grumble as I sit here writing at 9.30pm and I’ll be more than happy to treat myself to one of these meals once a week, even paying that extra dollar just to smell it.

 Anyways, I’ll post up an entry of the steak sandwich and wagyu beef burger soon. To be honest, after writing about this entry, I think its going to be sooner rather than later. You really got to smell the beautiful scent from the food to really appreciate why I just love these 3 sandwiches because I sincerely don’t think my description of it serves it much justice.

 And yes, a disclaimer before I end this blog. They are one of the cafes that you can order ahead from Lunchfast. I am sure that the business owner, Nick, would love to hear from you about their meals. Winter is coming so watch out for the winter menu, which includes warm, creamy soup to for you to start the day.

On a final note, if you have experienced a mean burger or sandwich somewhere in the city, write a comment and I’ll be the first to try your recommendation.

 Happy eating 🙂


I headed into MySelection cafe for lunch today, looking for something different. Tucked within the cosy confines of the Hunter Connection arcade – the food court just beneath Wynyard Station, Sydney – I was greeted with a warm welcome from the lovely business owner, Kim. Again, I was disappointed with myself because I forgot to bring my camera, a venerable Panasonic DMC-LC33 to take some happy snaps of the actual place and the very authentic foods they served there.

Usually in the Hunter, especially during lunchtime, you can never get a seat in this very popular location. Although the decor of the arcade looks a decade past its renovation date, it houses some of Sydney’s cheapest and best meals within the CBD. I can remember one time when I was going to the Hunter for some food, I witnessed people who were by the side of the entrance via George Street eating their lunch, which really indicates how much people love the value of the food on offer.

About 3 weeks ago, I came around the MySelection Cafe to see whether the owner was interested in signing up with Lunchfast for their business. Kim was certainly interested in what we had to offer and hopefully, within the coming weeks, Sydneysiders would be able to order their meals online on our website. Well I certainly would like to because waiting in line during the most busiest time of the day is really wasting time I have for myself. Nevertheless, Kim made me promise to come back when she updated her menu and today I fulfilled my promise, and boy was I surprised.

The decor of the cafe is warm, cosy and definitely buzzing. The ladies in the kitchen scurries around making their catering orders whilst their wait staff supervises the front. I bought my colleague with me to try their food. Luckily, since it was only 10.30 am, I escaped the lunchtime rush and tried their Lemon Thai Chicken with rice and generously, she gave me some Vietnamese Chicken with Coconut Juice. The Vietnamese Chicken with Coconut Juice was pretty good – so good that it reminded me of mum’s cooking =D. The Lemon Thai Chicken was spicy but not too overpowering and went well with the rice. For only $7.50, its definitely better than some of the other junk some restaurants spruik as authentic. My fingers are crossed that she will introduce the Vietnamese crepes into her menu very soon because thats one of the hidden gems of vietnamese cuisines.

Now, according to Kim, the business was just recently established and is progressing to create the best possible meals and service possible. Although there are areas where they can improve (which business doesnt?), I strongly suggest that Sydneysiders should definitely give this Wynyard secret a try. Click here for their location and I just found a link that has a picture of Hunter Connection entrance.

If you have been to MySelection, I would love to hear from you. Post a comment and lets share the eating experience together.

In the meantime, happy eating 🙂


T’was the morning at about 10.30am and William and I decide to venture up to MLC food court for lunch as we just got used to the same old food everyday…or more like 3 times a week. It was time to try something new as we always end up either going to Centrepoint Food Court/ Myer Food Court or the Hunter Connection (not saying those places are bad places, just can’t handle eating the same food all the time).

Now, MLC Food Court houses some great food within its complex but I suppose its location, right in the middle of Martin Place and Castlereagh Street just drives the prices of its food noticeably higher sometimes. Nevertheless, we decided its about time we eat here a bit more regularly to try and soak up the atmosphere.

We noticed Deliziosa Fine Foods, designed with ornate timber shelfs, overhanging coffee grinders and large circular bar looked quite intriguing. It was quite pretty if I say so myself; resembling more like a traditional bakehouse. I was personally quite surprised that the shop was set a buzz with more than 10 staff running the business as it was still two hours before lunch would begin.

Unfortunately, being new to the blogging experience, I didnt have my camera ready to snap up some photoshots of the food on display but I think the photos would not have done the delicious meals much justice. I will certainly make an effort the next time we eat there, which I imagine would be pretty soon but if any of you guys have pictures, send me an email with the attachment just to enrich this website with some excitement 🙂 )

I bought the foccacia for $7.50 (I think…it was around that ball park figure) and Will bought a Thai Beef Salad (gone on a healthy diet for the week..but apparently, Mum’s orders :p) for $10. The Thai Beef Salad was amazing according to William, and I suppose I’m not going to disagree since its focaccia was not that bad as well. We came back on Thursday and saw that the salad bar empty, a real testament I believe to their popularity, taste and value for money within their precinct.

Deliziosa’s website (click here) was a bit more ordinary than I first envisioned (its actually a site loaded with a PDF ordering sheet) which is I suppose, quite unique for a business located within the heart of the CBD but I am not going to hold this against them. Nevertheless, I will try and upload some pictures I took today on my Nokia 6255 (which has quite an ordinary camera) but by the looks of things and with my first bite of their food, its definitely worth a second try, especially on measly part time wage.

Shopfront of Deliziosa Fine Foods

Here is the lovely shop front that I promised I will upload earlier.


Deliziosa Fine Foods

Shop 6.17 MLC Centre

19 Martin PLace


Welcome to our inaugural post for our new company, Lunchfast. Our website, is launching very soon and Im thrilled to share our new website before its imminent launch.Listen up as more is to follow!